essay on village life vs city life

This essay on village life vs city life explores the advantages and disadvantages  of each lifestyle of the village and of the city and tries to answers which is a better option to live in.


In todays world of modernization, a large part of the human population stays in the city. City life has very special characteristics. There are very large cities full of buildings, industries, shopping centers and thousands of businesses of all kinds. The city is full of avenues with traffic lights and signs for traffic.

The cities are made up of neighborhoods that are different from each other. There are neighborhoods with very elegant and luxurious constructions, with wide and paved streets and other more humble neighborhoods where we will not find great luxuries. There are constructions of all shapes and styles, we see large and modern houses as well as old ones that are national heritage.


If we think that material comforts is what that matters, the life in city is certainly better than the life in a village.  You have everything without leaving the city, doctor, emergencies, police, firemen … Go shopping and find everything you want, be able to go to a nearby hospital in case of emergency or order food at home is much easier if you live in a large city.


If one afternoon you are bored and you do not know what to do, you have plenty of activities to choose from. There is a great variety of alternative plans that in the town would not be so feasible.

The most fascinating feature of a city is the wide variety of career opportunities that it offers.  The work in the cities is very varied. There are businessmen, workers, secretaries, doctors, and a thousand other jobs. Construction is a source of work and in the city there is always an opportunity because they are always carrying out projects and expanding urbanizations.

And last but not the least, when you live in a town, you do not have access to certain technological opportunities such as mobile coverage, high-speed Internet or difficulties watching television. However, in the city these services should be almost guaranteed.


Life in the countryside, on the other hand, is a traditional and rudimentary way of living – more relaxed, peaceful, healthy, in contact with nature. It is undeniable that in the villages there is a special peace that you can not find even in the most hidden corners of the cities. Waking up every day with sounds of Nature instead of the noise of traffic and works on the street is much more appeasing for our body. Walk down the street without colliding with anyone, not having to worry about traffic jams and being able to obtain absolute silence if we wish. These things in the city do not happen. For residents of rural areas, it is the way of life, for the inhabitants of the city, represents the opportunity to vacation, or an alternative to escape the problems and change stressful routines.

The life in the field and its activities are completely related to it. The schedules are adapted to tasks and climate, to achieve the best use of sunlight. The care of farm animals is an important part of the field work, usually by the youngest, such as grazing, milking and feeding. The crops, on the other hand, are in charge of the elderly, they depend on the cycle of seasons and the climate, which regulates the development of crops and the work of farmers, such as planting and harvesting.

Living in a town, thus,  gives you the opportunity to know and care more about the environment that surrounds us. The rural lifestyle produces a specific culture, adapted to the living conditions and available means. The peaceful life, the hard work, the shortage of human contacts due to distances, produces a population of friendly people, unhurried, a friend of conversation and stories.

Life in the city is very individualistic because of the large number of people who live in it. Every day the cities grow more and more and in the same way the population increases. However, when you live in a town, you all end up knowing each other. There, very close, almost familiar, relationships can be established with greater ease. Greetings on the street will become a habitual habit and you will end up pulling neighbors for daily needs and problems that may arise.

If you retire to rural life, you will forget (or should) forget about junk food and all kinds of processed food so typical of the cities. Take the opportunity to buy or produce natural foods, take advantage of the countryside and join the sport routine and give a change to your usual recipe book, including traditional and simple meals that surely do not taste the same as in the city.


Therefore, if you live in a village, you can enjoy a simple life and learn enjoying simple things in life. On the other hand, city converts men into ease-loving idle persons. They do not like to do manual work as they consider it below their dignity. As such, they have become slaves to machines.


The secret of happiness lies in the simplification of our wants and a calm and collected attitude towards life. This was what a village offers. However, both the town and the city offer you very different experiences but equally enriching according to the direction in which you want to focus your life. Which one do you prefer?

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