Indian National Army

Rashbehari Bose and Indian Revolutionary who had escaped from India and had been living in Japan for many years set of the Indian Independence League with the support of Indian living in the country of South East Asia in early 1942 March Rashbehari Bose went a conference at Tokyo to discuss political issue in this conference it was decided to expand and strengthen the Indian Independence League and to form an Indian National Army iron after sometime conference was held at Bangkok June 15 to 23 In 1942 and was shared by Rashbehari it was resolved in the conference that the Ina will be entirely in the hand of Indians and it am will be to achieve Indian Independence it also decided to invite Subhash Chandra Bose to come from Europe and guided this moment on 1st September 1942 to the Indian National Army was established captain Mohan Singh was made its commander in chief as for the decision of Bangkok conference was Chandra Bose cam on June 1943 the rasbihari Bose handed over the leadership of Indian Independence movement of East Asia to him Subhas Chandra Bose become the president of Indian Independence League and the supreme commander of Indian National Army the Ina fight for Indian Freedom.

Subhash Chandra Bose recognised the strength of Ina Netaji on 21st October 1943 claim to the establishment of provisional government of Indian India at Singapore it was recognised by 9 world power the Ina declared war Dragons Britain and USA Subhash Chandra Bose give the iron is the slogan of Delhi Chalo and Jai Hind it become the word crisis of Ina Ina capture Kohima and to reach my Imphal in 1944 the onset of heavy rain in the area prevent the Ina form capturing Imphal the Ina than true true true words Verma to victorious however short lived and failed in his permission to achieve Independence for India but it came as realisation to the British that it could not depend on the supporter and law loyalty of Indian force does the NFC on important rules for cause of Indian Freedom force the British to quit India.

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