Khilafat movement

The Khilafat movement at the end of World War first the British imposed humiliation Trump on Turkey leading to hard divine this relations between the British and the Muslims begin to turn cold the Khilafat movement was started in 1919 in protest against this the all Indian Khilafat committee was formed for this purpose its main objective was to protect the Khilafat or caliphate from this disintegration by arousing world opinion this moment was led by the Ali Brothers Shaukat Ali and Muhammad Ali Abdul Kalam Azad and Harshit mohani.

Tilak and Gandhi so in this a golden opportunity to strengthen and promote Hindu Muslim Unity the Khilafat leader and Gandhi travelled all over the country and appeal to the people to absorb 17 october 1999 is Khilafat day there were virus spread hatred hatred and people observe fast the Khilafat movement reduce the mistress between Muslim and Indian National Congress and it proved the Congress with mass was cutting across all various price of Carriers of Hindu Muslim Ek Hai resounded everywhere the Khilafat movement slowly merged with non cooperation movement it faded out after that talks themselves to post their Sultan in a Revolution this was followed by the the avoid evolution of caliphate in 1994.

Impact of Khilafat movement on india :-


  • Coming under the influence of the Khilafat movement, most of the country’s Muslims came in opposition to the British.
  • Due to the Khilafat movement, mutual cooperation, unity and brotherhood between Hindus and Muslims was established.
  • Non-cooperation movement started after the Khilafat movement, which was also a Khilafat movement in the main reasons of the beginning.


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