Rowlatt Act 1919

The Rowlatt Act 1919 wilder Government of India Act was being formalized report was being prepared by Commission and Justice Sydney result it was appointed to investigate the nature and extent of Revolutionary Act was passed in 19 March 1919 it arm the government with unlimited power to suppress political violence now the government could arrest without a warranty warrant and impression without a trial this this repressive act cost widespread discontent in the country the Act was dropped the black act the politician political regulation that followed lead to a complete transformation of the Congress invitable in the leadership to there was a change the moderates had already faded out Tilak had left the for England the vacuum in the Congress leadership was filled by Gandhiji.

Anti Rowlatt Satyagraha as soon as Rowlatt Act was passed Gandhiji started Satyagraha campaign against the founder of Satyagraha Sabha whose members were to dissolve the act and court arrest to mobilize people on a large scale he asked all Indian to observe April 9 Satyagraha day fastest were observed and meeting held everyone there was a spontaneous response from the people and school shops and banks remain closed throughout the early part of April there were strikes and demonstration in all area like Amritsar and Heartless accompanied by violence two leaders doctor Saifuddin kitchlu will and Dr Satyapal were arrested on 10th April this late of violence rate in in which five European were killed an English woman missionary was beaten up General Dyer and military commander of Amritsar issued on order on 12th April banning all public meetings.

the order issued by Diana was unknown to most people of Amritsar on 13 April 1919 a large number of people gathered from meeting at park for Jallianwala Bagh this was introduced on three sides by building and had only one narrow exist as the UN unharmed people assemble journal diet got ready with his Troops and all armored cars he blocked exist and order the true to March into the park and take positions they were then order to shoot continuously at gathering which included women and children the shooting continue till no more information was left many died as they jumped into a wall to escape the bullet nearly 400 were killed and 1200 was softvalley wondered the barbarous act stunt the nation not satisfied the Lieutenant Governor of Punjab Michael Dolly claimed Martial Law in Punjab reason of terror war released on the people there was people walking and people were made to school on their belly down the street where the English mercenary was attacked many what right and sentenced to that deported or imprisonment.


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