This April

This April, I got the opportunity to celebrate the Hindu New Year with traditional fervor in my  ancestral village and a large part of my enjoyment was at the Baisakhi Mela, the fair which the charm of the village . I always hesitate before visiting the place basically because of the lifestyle there but this was a special instance.


The Baisakhi Mela is an annual event, which takes place in April  to celebrate New Year’s happiness after harvesting the winter crop. That is why Baisakhi is tone of the most important and one of the oldest festivals in the country.  On this day, on 13th April 1699, the tenth Guru Govind Singhji founded the Khalsa Panth. Sikhs celebrate this festival as collective birthdays.


The Fair, which takes place every year in the Kartik month, has given this place a unique identity, and includes a large number of domestic and foreign tourists. At the time of the fair, many cultures get mixed together in Pushkar. On one side, foreign tourists arrive in number to see the fair; on the other hand, tribals and rural people come from all parts of the state and surrounding areas to join the fair. Thousands of Hindu and Sikhs people come to this fair. Early in the morning, they take a bath in the village Lake to make themselves holy. Visitors and tourists visit the temples and receive spiritual benefits.


State administration also gives special importance to this fair. Local administration organizes this fair and art culture and tourism departments present cultural programs on this occasion. The activities begin on Sunday, April 13, with traders and artists from different parts of the country gathering in and around the fair ground making the necessary arrangements.


The next two days were full of music, dance, gastronomic delights, fun for the kids and local culture; there were children’s games, horse races, the presentation of the traditional ballet , of magic shows and, in general, a great variety of artistic events and rescue of local traditions that characterizes this population. Entry is virtually free; Only 5 Rs for adults, and free entrance for children.


One of the main attractions is the  animal fair  not to forget the local drink, the Mathaa, and savor some of the delicacies that are offered, such as Butter Chicken and Chole-Bhature .


During the time the fair takes place, the Cultural and Craft is installed , where you will be able to find a great variety of articles for your home and for memories; On the last day of the Fair the closing were in charge of the Priests and Holy men.


If you want to know the essence of these beautiful villages at their best, you can plan a visit to the fair with tours of this beautiful place, its streets, its lakes and rivers and many places where you can eat delicious food in the company of your family,

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