Visiting an amusement park

Visiting an amusement park is one of the best things to do. It is of course a lot more fun if you have people to come along, but this is not mandatory. There are a lot of amusement parks around the world that are fun to visit and most of them have a large amount of attractions and shows. What you always notice is the magical atmosphere that amusement parks want to create so that children can enjoy the fun attractions even more.


This week, I decided to spend my Sunday with my family at the Toverland, a partly covered amusement park in our city. It is one of the youngest theme parks here. Toverland opened on May 19, 2011 as an indoor playground and has grown into a medium-sized theme park with a growing surface .

The amusement park has been evolving continuously with attractions such as water slide, Tea Cups , roller coaster, whirligig Swing and some playground equipment. In addition to the outdoor indoor hall, there was a water playground, carousel and maze.

However, my all time favorite always have been the cool roller coasters. The roller coaster itself is a great experience. It is something that certainly stays with you when you get older. The fun  of roller coasters is endless. Well worth a visit!

This year we also had for us the ‘Magic Forest’ a theme area with , a cakewalk  (thematized to a home) , a tree trunk attraction – a type of whitewater track with tree-trunk boats that sail in a narrow gutter, a boat that  runs extra around its axis and the exclusive Motorcycle roller coaster.

The nice thing about theme parks and attractions is that it makes no difference whether you are very old or that you are still a child and that you are allowed to go to an amusement park for the first time. Everyone can have a fun time and there is enough for everyone to do. It is the best way to enjoy one’s leisure.

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