This April

This April, I got the opportunity to celebrate the Hindu New Year with traditional fervor in my  ancestral village and a large part of my enjoyment was at the Baisakhi Mela, the fair which the charm of the village . I always hesitate before visiting the place basically because of the lifestyle there but this … Read moreThis April

Thermal pollution

This essay on thermal pollution explores the meaning, causes, effects and measures to be taken against thermal pollution.   Thermal pollution essay introduction:  The importance of heat for living beings is known to all. We know, for example, that very small variations of our body temperature are enough to produce discomfort or even death. In … Read moreThermal pollution

Rowlatt Act 1919

The Rowlatt Act 1919 wilder Government of India Act was being formalized report was being prepared by Commission and Justice Sydney result it was appointed to investigate the nature and extent of Revolutionary Act was passed in 19 March 1919 it arm the government with unlimited power to suppress political violence now the government could … Read moreRowlatt Act 1919


Introduction   Many a times, we have to face certain situations where a person , usually an official, demands for a benefit or private gain ( such as  extortion )  for himself or another for doing something he is obliged to do. This is known as corruption and the extortion demanded is known as bribery. … Read moreBribery